Missouri Creek / Rolling Hills

What is the Project?

The Missouri Creek drainage area is generally bounded by Township Street to the south, Old Wire and Old Missouri Road to the east, and Sherwood Lane and Oaks Manor Drive to the west (Ward 3). The basin extends north to the point that Missouri Creek enters Mud Creek, just north of Brookhaven Drive. Proposed improvements to the drainage area include addition of storm inlets and piping to alleviate street flooding throughout the basin, but especially along Stanton Avenue and Rolling Hills Drive, and improvements to the creek itself to provide more flow capacity and reduce property damage along the creek.

Why is it Important?

To alleviate street flooding, property damage, and flooding in structures throughout the drainage basin

What is the Status?

Design underway

How is it Funded?

Funding for the project comes from the Bond Issue approved by voters in April 2019.

Missouri Creek Rolling Hills affected area map

Click here to view street improvements for Rolling Hills

Graphic icon for Rolling Hills Drive improvements

Concept drawing of proposed drainage improvements. Click image to download pdf.

2019 Bond Rolling Hills Drainage Improvements