Planning/Zoning Master Plans

  1. City Plan 2030

    Access City Plan 2030 and review how it was created, what its goals are and how it's being implemented.

  2. Master Street Plan

    The Master Street Plan illustrates future street locations that are used for capital planning and street connections through new developments. The adopted cross-sections provide detailed dimensions for new streets, sidewalks and green space.

  3. Downtown Master Plan

    Find out what changes will be coming to the downtown area of Fayetteville.

  4. Fayette Junction Neighborhood Plan

    The Fayette Junction Master Plan was the second complete neighborhood plan, adopted in the Spring of 2009, as a part of City Plan 2025.

  5. Walker Park Neighborhood Plan

    The Walker Park Neighborhood Master Plan, adopted in February 2008, was the first neighborhood plan completed after City Plan 2025 was adopted.

  6. Wedington Corridor Neighborhood Plan

    Please take the time to look at what developments are being made in the Wedington Corridor.