Pay-by-Phone Parking

When visiting the Entertainment District, you have the option to pay for parking using our Pay-by-Phone program. With this option, patrons can call, using their cell phone, to pay for their parking in the numbered spaces*. There is no need to go to a pay station.
Look for these signs and decals displayed throughout the Entertainment District and on the pay stations. Click the paybyphone link for instructions on setting up your free account and for additional information.

* A $0.35 Convenience Fee will be charged to your credit card in addition to the applicable parking rate.
Pay-by-Phone program logo with text "Pay-by-Phone Powered by Verrus"

Pay-by-Phone Instructions

  1. Call 888-450-7275
  2. Enter location
  3. Enter space number
  4. Enter payment information
Photo of Pay-by-Phone Instructions with text "Call 1-888-450-7275, Enter Location 2525, Enter Spa